Freelance Writing Jobs Online: Four Ways To Secure The First Job

Before you start searching for that first freelance writing job, there are a few things you should know to maximize your success as early as possible. The “gig” economy is becoming hugely popular and as a result there is a lot of competition out there. You should not be discouraged by this truth but just come to terms that it won’t be easy to start without a solid strategy to get your career jumpstarted in this field. Here are four ways to secure your first online thesis writing job:

Start Making Online Cold Pitches
The process of contacting potential clients by making cold pitches is a great way of landing long-term gigs that could provide you with a significant and steady paycheck for several months. First of all there is a lot less competition because the jobs aren’t posted anywhere. Second of all your proactive approach is seen as a positive gesture that many employers like to see in a service provider. These things in combination makes cold pitches extremely important in your job search.

Search Multiple Web Job Boards
There are several job boards on the web where specific kinds of projects (e.g., financial writer jobs) are posted for both short and long-term durations. This is a great way to focus your applications and proposals towards a specific area you are comfortable working in. The competition might be high but you will have to deal with this throughout your career or at least until you develop a portfolio.

Build a Network of Good Leads
Networking is important in all professional fields but it might be even more so when you are starting out looking for writer or editor jobs online because so much of your work might come as a result of word-of-mouth leads. Tell every person on your social media sites what you are up to and encourage them to spread your email out to companies or employers who they feel would be interested in hiring.

Follow Companies on Social Media
While we are on the subject of social media, make sure you search for companies you might want to work for and follow them to stay abreast of any news that might lead to a potential hire. It’s pretty easy to come up with a list of companies you respect and could provide you with some great projects. Start following them and send your proposals whenever opportunities arise.

There are many ways you can get started with a freelancing career without actually having to do any writing until you are fully ready to take on those responsibilities. Many clients require simple jobs where proofreaders needed to look over others works. This is a great way to read other people’s works without taking on too much until you feel comfortable working on larger projects. You can develop your writing skills will getting a feel for working on deadlines and handling multiple jobs. Just keep at it and you will be landing your own larger projects in the near future.

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